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Welcome to join our event to meet Taiwan's hidden treasure of forests, the beauty of nature! Our professional and passionate tour guides will take you to discover the breathtaking scenery, speices-rich forests and unique culture of this incredible destination.

We are looking for someone...

  • Loves nature and is willing to know more about Taiwan
  • Is over the age of 18
  • Foreigner in Taiwan who is fluent in English.
  • Loves to share on social media
  • Has good-writing skills and is willing to apply at least 1,000 words post-travel article within 14 days.
  • Will be in Taiwan during 2020/10-2020/11
  • Completes the registration content and shares the event post to Facebook.
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PrizeEnter for a chance to win the following prizes!!

  • 4-day/3-night Nature Wonders Tour in National Forest Recreation Areas – Alishan and Kenting. (x10)

    Winners will receive:

    This four-day guided small group tour will take winners to experience the very best of Taiwan’s forests, from sea-like clouds formation, millennium-old giant redwood and camphor trees, to the magnificent landscapes of mountain terrain. The route combines two of the most popular National Forest Recreation Areas – Alishan and Kenting, where people can immerse themselves in the lush alpine forests. Winners will stay in the cottage in the Recreation Area, experiencing Taiwanese hospitality and enjoying gourmet local cuisine, and be guided by a local and passionate guide to share with you the beauty and wonder of Taiwan.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Experience world famous Alishan Forest Railway - the "highest” narrow-gauge mountain railway in Asia!
    • Take the first train to the top of Alishan and enjoy the sunrise at Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot.
    • Hike though Giant Wood Trail and visit millennium-old trees.
    • Experience rich forestry history and indigenous culture in Alishan.
    • You’ll get a close look at its biotope and explore Taiwan’s unique ecology.
    • Explore unique uplifted coral reef forest and diverse limestone terrain formations in Kenting .
    • Stay at a resort hotel with the beach view, where you can enjoy all kinds of beachside and water fun activities while breathing in the beauty of the bay.
  • Apple Airpods (2nd Generation) (x2)
  • Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 (x3)
  • Surprise Grab Bag provided by Forestry Bureau (x10)

About this event?

In addition to hospitality, it’s time to let the world see the beauty of Taiwan’s forests! Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau has been responsible for Taiwan's forestry matters for over sixty years. With the aim of protecting forest ecosystem and conserving nature resources, the Bureau has dedicated itself to build a safe, ecological, high quality homeland and recreation areas for citizens as well as tourists. To promote ecotourism in Taiwan, the Forestry Bureau has planned customized itineraries for nature lovers to experience the beauty of National Forest Recreation Areas – Alishan and Kenting with the professional and passionate tour guide. Through this trip, visitors will immerse themselves in a pristine environment, learn about endemic species in alpine forests, and experience the rich culture in Taiwan. Do you want to see more information about Taiwan’s ecotourism in National Forest Recreation Areas? Please click on “More” button and it will lead you to “Hidden Treasure of Asia” website to read relevant information.



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-Rights and Obligations-

This trip may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Participants will be informed 2 days prior to departure. Travelers with the following conditions are not recommended for participation: hypertension, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy, altitude sickness.

-How to Participate-

Participants have to fill up the registration form and share the post with the public on Facebook

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If you have any queries or need to ask us some questions, please sent the email to

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Official Rules and Regulations :

Details on Collected Personal Information
All participants must read the following information. By submitting their personal information through the event’s website, participants will be assumed to have read, understood, and agree to the following statements:

Following Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the organizer provides the following explanation on how the collected personal information will be used and by whom:
1. Personal information: used exclusively only for this event by the organizer and the authorized co-organizer.
2. Purpose for collecting personal information: to organize and execute this online event.
3. The collecting of personal information includes name, address, home and phone numbers, email, and other information specifically mentioned on the event’s website.
4. The collecting of personal information will only be retained for a specific amount of time:
a、 Participants’ information: from the date of entry until three months after the event has concluded, excluding the time necessary to collect the information.
b、 Prizewinners’ information: personal information provided for the prize receipt will only be used for tax purposes. According to tax law, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan will not use the personal information for any other purposes and will retain the receipt for a maximum of seven years, after which it will be destroyed.
5. The collected personal information will be used by the organizer, the authorized co-organizer, and their staff during the event and only for event-related purposes.
6. According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, participants have the right to access the collected personal information, whether to search, read, request a copy, amend or correct. Participants also have the right to request the co-organizer to stop collecting, processing or using their personal information, or to have part or all of their data deleted.

Activity Details:
1. Participants, by submitting their registers form online which includes their personal information, is assumed to have agreed to the organizer’s and the authorized co-organizer’s collection and use of their personal information for the exclusive purpose of executing this event. Participants can choose whether to provide all or part of the requested personal information. The organizer and the authorized co-organizer reserve the right to decide whether the entry is eligible for receiving the prize.
2. Participants agree to provide their personal information without charge to the organizer and authorized co-organizer, who will collect, process, and use these data for the exclusive purpose of executing this event.
3. The organizer and authorized co-organizer will follow legal procedures to ensure the safety and protection of participants’ personal information.
4. Participants are deemed to have recognized the effectiveness of these regulations. If there are any unresolved matters, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the event. In the event of irresistible factors, the organizer reserves the right to modify the event methods and awards at any time, or to suspend the event or change commodities of equal value. Matters not stated in the award description shall be based on the description of the winning notice.


4-day/3-night Nature Wonders Tour in National Forest Recreation Areas – Alishan and Kenting. (x10)

1. The Anh Phan

2. Ryan Hevern

3. Johannes Twellmann

4. Eric Chen

5. Li-Wei (Ian) Lee

6. Flavio Alexander Noriega Pacaya 辰浩瀚

7. Ami Barnes

8. Laura Olivo Camasta

9. Raudlah Hawin Ayani

10. Shiela Mecha Cabahug


Apple Airpods (2nd Generation) (x2)

1. Giselle Hessen

2. Philip Nelson


Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 (x3)

1.Jack Liang

2. Maria Guadalupe Castillo

3. Do Tuyet Nhi


Surprise Grab Bag provided by Forestry Bureau (x10)


2. Ananya Panda

3. Alex


5. Netra

6. Ryan Collin De Leon

7. Frederick James Adamson

8. Andrea Herrera 賀安雅

9. Justine Jude Pura

10. Reynaldo T. Alatao Jr.

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